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  • 29" Crackle Glass Strand, Round, Dyed, MediumVioletRed/Clear, about 135pcs/strand, hole: about 1mm

  • Price/Package: US $6.41
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Round crackle glass beads strand, in mediumvioletred/clear color, Dyed

Size: 6mm in diameter.

29" long, about 135pcs/strand, hole: about 1mm.

Intriguing crackle glass beads in money-saving packages. The many reflective surfaces offer brilliant radiance with every move. Reheating and coating the glass, after it''s been immersed in cold water while molten hot, seals the surface, making it smooth and glossy to the touch. Due to the beads are dyed, color may vary slightly.

Priced per 20 strands

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