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      • 【SOFT & FLEXIBLE】: Solid aluminum, Rusting & tarnish free, can be used for a long time; Great for craft projects and jewelry making
      • 【SHINY VIBRANT COLOR】: Color: Copper, durable & long-lasting; Colors may vary a little because of different dye lots or due to monitor resolution
      • 【SIZE REFERENCE】: Wire Size - 0.8mm (20 Gauge ) in thickness, 235m (770 Feet) in length; It's placed in a customized box with logo, can better protect the jewelry wire
      • 【WIDE USAGE】: Sculpturing, wire weaving, decorating, crafting, beading, jewelry making, florist arranging, gardening, or wrapping
      • 【VERSATILE COLOR & SIZE】: BENECREAT High Quality Aluminum Wire, 11 Shiny Vibrant Color and 5 Different Size, Good Choice for Jewelry Making

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Round Aluminum Wire, Dark Salmon

Size: 20 Gauge, 0.8mm in diameter, about 770.99 Feet(235m)/roll.

Priced per 1 Box

Please Note: Slight deviations in colors is allowed due to different display device.

Wire wrapping is a fascinating and popular way among crafters, which can give you more creativity and enjoyment in jewelry making. To get started, you should know a few basic tips, that can help you make the projects you want with the most suitable materials.

Gauge & Usage

Gauge refers to the thickness of jewelry wire. The measurements are counter-intuitive because the smaller the number, the thicker the wire and vice-versa. The thicker wires are often used to create specific shapes or the bases of jewelry, while the thinner wires are used for wrapping.
In the chart below, the gauge is listed to the left followed by the actual size of diameter in millimeters and inches. You can refer to the following recommended usage and choose according to your own needs.

Gauge MM Inches Usage
30 0.254 0.010 Great for delicate jewelry, they can be used for wire weaving, bead crochet and fine coils. It can even be used like sewing thread.
28 0.320 0.013
26 0.406 0.016 Easy to manipulat, these 2 gauges are great for wire wrapping beads with small to medium sized holes. They are usually used for intricate wirework.
24 0.508 0.020
22 0.635 0.025 Medium-gauge wires, good for making jewelry findings, such as ear wires, eye pins, jump rings, etc. They can also be used for stone settings.
20 0.813 0.032
18 1.02 0.040 Great for sturdy clasps and heavy jump rings. Useful for connecting chunkier beads with simple or wrapped loops.
16 1.30 0.051
14 1.63 0.064 Good choice for rings, bracelets, bangles and cuffs. These thicker wires usually be used to create frames and structures.
12 2.05 0.081

Some Other Materials for Wire Wrapping

Different Wire Working Techniques & Tutorials

1. Wire Wrapping

When we talk about wire wrapping, it usually refers to the techniques that involve wrapping stones and components into part of a design. It is also a technique used to make connections and findings.

2. Wire weaving

Wire weaving is a technique to weave a thinner piece of wire between two or thicker pieces of wire. So as to create more delicate and regular textured effect.

3. Coiling

Coiling means wrapping wire around a wire frame. The frame is usually a thicker wire than the wire being used to coil. This technique often be used in finger ring making.

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    2. The size of the image should be less than 5M!
    3. The image length and width must be greater than or equal 200 pixels and smaller than or equal to 1024pixes.

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