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Thai 925 Sterling Silver Charms, with 925 Stamp, with Jump Ring, Elephant, Antique Silver

Size: about 11mm long, 13mm wide, 7mm thick, hole: 4mm.

Priced per 1 pc

Please Note: Slight deviations in colors is allowed due to different display device.

How to Take Care of Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

This article aims to share some useful tips to help you store, wear and clean your sterling silver jewelry properly.

How to Prevent Your Sterling Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing

Sterling silver jewelry tarnishes easily when contacting with sulfur particles especially in a humid environment, so it is rather important to store it in a proper way.

●  Keep in a Cool and Dry Place

Stay away from any damp place such as your bathroom, pool, wet basement and attic.

●  Store in a Jewelry Bag or Box

A jewelry box designed with velvet or other soft material lining helps to absorb excessive moisture accumulating in the box or bag. It has the same effect in placing a piece of chalk in the bag or box with your silver jewelry!

●  Store Individually

Store in an anti-oxidation zip lock bag, which can not only prevent tarnishing, but also protect your jewelry from chemical reactions or scratches with other metal jewelry.

●  Using Anti-Tarnish Strips

This keeps your jewelry vibrant for a long time.

●  Keep away from Harsh Chemicals

Such as lotion, hair spray, skin product, swimming pool, self-tanner, perfume, shampoos, conditioners, hot tubs, hand sanitizer, body washes etc.

Some Daily Wearing Tips to Prevent Tarnishing

Proper wearing tips also matter to preserve your sterling silver jewelry.

●  Wear It Often

The skin’s natural oils will keep your sterling silver jewelry shinny.

●  Put on Your Jewelry at Last

This way can avoid the possibility of contact with your skin care product, makeups, hair spray and perfumes, thus reducing tarnishing.

●  Remove When Doing Household Chores

Substances with extra sulfur like household detergent, chlorinated water, sweat, and rubber will accelerate tarnish.

●  Not to Wear in Wet Place

Such as your bathroom, swimming pool, hot spring.

How to Clean your Sterling Silver at Home

Except tips mentioned above to help avoid tarnish, it is still important to clean your sterling silver jewelry regularly to remove the tarnish and restore its shininess for long time use.

●  Using Silver Polishing Cloth

Just wipe the blackened place repeatedly with a silver polishing cloth until the black part is wiped clean.

Tips: There are many kinds of silver polishing cloth sold in our website. if you need, please search “silver polishing cloth” for more choices.

●  Using Aluminum Foil & Baking Soda & Boiling Water

This way can effectively clean your sterling silver jewelry to recover its shininess, meanwhile, not removing the silver itself.

1. Wrap the bowl with aluminum foil and put a little bit of baking soda and your sterling silver jewelry in this foil-lined bowl.

2. Pour the boiling water to the bowl and let the jewelry soak for a few minutes.

3. Remove the jewelry from the bowl and rinse off any baking soda left on the jewelry. Dry it up with a soft cloth.

●  Using Silver Jewelry Cleaner

When the tarnish is very severe, you can ask for help from silver cleaner such as silver polishing cream or silver polishing liquid. You must be aware that silver cleaner is corrosive and it’s not suggested to soak your sterling silver jewelry in the liquid silver cleaner for more than 7 seconds.

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