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      Size 18x6mm
      Package Size 10 pcs per package

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Sew on Rhinestone, Electroplated Glass Rhinestone, Faceted, Two Holes, Garment Accessories, Flat Round, Colorful

Size: about 18mm in diameter, 6mm thick, hole: 1.2mm

Priced per 10 pcs

Please Note: Slight deviations in colors is allowed due to different display device.

Add Sparkle to Your Fashion
with Sew-on Rhinestones

Sew-on rhinestones are a popular embellishment for a wide range of crafts, including clothing, jewelry and accessories. These faceted rhinestones either have metal prong settings or have holes around the edges that can be attached to fabric with needle and thread.

  • Make a Special Gift
  • Decorate Adorable Clothes
  • DIY Hair Accessory
  • Decorate Glamorous Shoes
  • For rhinestones with filigree or metal prong settings, they are ideal for working with thicker materials, such as denim or leather, where each rhinestone requires additional reinforcement and stabilization.

  • For rhinestones with two holes, they are usually flatter and can work well for a smoother or more delicate effect.

Types of Sew on Rhinestones

K9 Glass

K9 glass rhinestones are the best of all sew on rhinestone. K9 glass is a type of optical glass, characterized by a crystal clear appearance with few impurities and bubbles. K9 glass does not contain lead oxide, so it cannot be considered as crystal.

K5 Glass

K5 glass rhinestones are the second. K5 glass contains some impurities, so it is not as clear and bright as K9 glass.


Ordinary glass does not contain lead oxide, resulting in less clarity and brilliance than crystal glass. However, it is possible for glass rhinestones to be well-cut and expertly crafted to produce beautiful and sparkling effects. This is determined by the quality of the glass and the way it is cut.


Acrylic rhinestones are lightweight, durable, and affordable. When it comes to quality, acrylic rhinestones can be divided into Taiwan acrylic rhinestones, imitation Taiwan acrylic rhinestones and ordinary acrylic rhinestones. Taiwan acrylic rhinestones have the best quality, imitation Taiwan acrylic rhinestones are the second and ordinary acrylic rhinestones are the third.

We offer a variety of sizes, shapes and colors that are sure to make your project shine. These rhinestones are available in different color effects to suit specific styles and preferences. From the multi-colored 001 Crystal Effect to the classic AB Color, the pastel-like Mocha (MK), romantic Opal, fluorescent Mocha Fluorescent (MI), charming Aurora(JM) , bling bling Shiny Laser(LS). No matter what color scheme you're working with, we have the perfect type of rhinestone to add some extra flair.

Quickly find the rhinestones you need based on the shape and size with our comprehensive table.

How to sew rhinestones on fabric

How to :

Step 1: Before you start sewing, you need to plan out your design. Use chalk or a washable fabric marker to mark out where you want to place the rhinestones on your clothing item.

Step 2: Thread your needle with a matching-color thread, double it up, and tie a knot at the end of the thread. With your needle, insert it from the underside of the clothing and then pass through the hole in the rhinestone.

Step 3: Hold the rhinestone in place and insert the needle into the fabric, making sure it goes through the hole in the rhinestone and the marked dot.

Step 4: Repeat the previous steps for each rhinestone, arranging them evenly as needed.

Step 5: After sewing all the rhinestones, tie a knot on the underside of the fabric and trim any excess thread.

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