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  • 350pcs Mix Letters Alphabet Style Acrylic Beads, Flat Round, Black, about 7mm in diameter, 4mm thick, hole: 1mm

  • Package Qty Priced per Package
    1-4 US $2.70
    5-19 US $2.43
    20+ US $2.16
  • 3 Days
    Weight: 25(g)
  • Please Note: Due to stock variety, color or shape of mixed products may vary from photo sample shown on our website.


Alphabet Acrylic Beads, Flat Round, Black

Size: about 7mm in diameter, 4mm thick, hole: 1mm, about 350pcs/50g.

Retro-style alphabet beads for designing traditional name bracelets, mothers' bracelets and inspirational jewelry that says it all. Lightweight and colorfast with two-sided letters. Letters on both sides.

Priced per 50 g

Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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