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304 Stainless Steel Twisted Chains Curb Chain CHS-K001-24-3mm-1

  • 304 Stainless Steel Twisted Chains Curb Chain, Stainless Steel Color, 3x1.5mm

  • Price/Package: US $4.90 Your Prices
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    US $3.67

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  • 3 Days
    Weight: 75(g)
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304 Stainless Steel Twisted Chains Curb Chain, Stainless Steel Color

Size: about 3mm wide, 1.5mm thick; link: 4x3x1.5mm.

As long as you notice you will find they are used as bag chains which may increase its fashional element, bracelet chains, belts, garment decoration and so on. It can be used for decoration individually or match with other ornaments, such as jewelry beads or pendants. They are made of stainless steel and is a wise choice to choose for its excellent quality and affordable price.

Priced per 10 m

Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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