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In the spring of 2015,Pandahall sponsors “Pandahall Spring Beading Contest”, a beading and crafting competition for all crafters from around the world to show their creative beadworks and win the beading prize.

  • Champion Prize: 100 USD Cash Runner-up Prize: 80 USD Cash
    Third Place Prize: 50 USD Cash Nominee Prize: 10USD cash

Besides, all entrants will receive our coupon codes of $50, $20 and $10. The earlier you submit the entry, the higher value of coupon you will get.

What’s more, entry videos with clear images and good design will be promoted on our official Facebook, Google+, YouTube, showcasing your talented creations to millions of our subscribers, to help you gain subscribers on Facebook and YouTube.

How to Enter

Pandahall Spring Beading Contest begins from February 1, 2015 to March 31, 2015.
Download and fill Pandahall Spring Beading Contest Entry Form and send it to our contest dedicated email at:[email protected]

Rules and Eligibility

1. Entry Qualifications

The beading contest is open to all crafters and beaders on YouTube.

2. Entry Requirements

There is no entry fee.

You need to subscribe Pandahall official YouTube Channel at:https://www.youtube.com/user/PandaHallVideo/

You need to design the craft project and make a tutorial video with a brief introduction of yourself, your project and the competition in the beginning of video. Please add our contest banner or text note throughout the video and contest link to the description box. Please watch the sample video for reference.

You need to submit the entries via email. Please download and fill Pandahall Spring Beading Contest Entry Form and send it to our contest dedicated email at: [email protected]

Entries can be the beadworks, wireworks, knotting, braiding, button crafts and other jewelry related crafts.

All Beadworks entered in the contest must be original or made by the entrants.

Entries must be produced and submitted before the deadline of March31, 2015

We will send notification email of your acceptance status to you after we received your email. All accepted entries will be listed on our Official site at List of Pandahall Spring Beading Contestants.

We will award the prize to winners via PayPal.

You grant Pandahall and their legal representatives the absolute right and permission to use, reuse, share and publish your project images and entry videos.

3. Winning rules

The 1st round of voting: 10 finalists will be identified by the average video views per day of entrants’ videos. The highest scores will be shortlisted.

The 2nd round of voting: Our pandahall professional craft team members will assess competitors’ projects. After the marks are given, the highest and lowest marks are omitted, the marks given by other evaluation members are added together.

Pandahall craft team retains the finial explanation right.

More about your entry videos:
Here is Pandahall Contest banner that you need to add throughout your entry video: Please 'right-click' on your mouse and select "Save Image As" to save the contest logo and add it throughout your video.

Here is the format for entry video title:
Pandahall Spring Beading Contest|Your Project Title

Here is Pandahall contest link that you need to add to your video description:

Please watch our sample video for reference:
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