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Best Selling

  • Tibetan Style Alloy Snowflake Pendants, Lead Free & Cadmium Free, Antique Silver, 20x15.5x1.5mm, Hole: 1.5mm

    US $1.35 / 20pc

  • Snowflake Wooden Buttons, 2-Hole, Dyed, Mixed Color, 17x3mm, Hole: 1mm, Hole: 1mm

    US $1.55 / 100pc

  • Christmas Snowflake Printed Grosgrain Ribbon for Christmas Gift Package, Red, 3/8

    US $9.44 / 1Roll

  • Colorful Acrylic Beads, with Silver Glitter Powder, Snowflake, Christmas, RoyalBlue, 32x28x4mm, Hole: 2mm; about 250pcs/500g

    US $9.87 / 500g

  • Transparent Acrylic Links, Faceted, Snowflake, for Christmas, Mixed Color, 29x7mm, Hole: 1.5mm; about 195pcs/500g

    US $5.58 / 500g

  • Real Light Gold Plated Brass Cubic Zirconia Snowflake Charms, 18x14x4mm, Hole: 1mm

    US $39.60 / 50pc

  • 304 Stainless Steel Diffuser Locket Pendant Necklaces, with 8pcs Non-Wover Fabric Cabochons, Flat Round with Snowflake, Colorful, 23.6 35%

    US $4.53 / 1Set

  • TINYSAND® Sterling Silver Golden Snowflake Dangle Charm European Beads, with Cubic Zirconia, Golden, 23.05x10.46x8.63mm, Hole: 4.49mm 45%

    US $15.65 / 1pc

  • Snowflake Pattern Flat Round Glass Pendant Necklaces, with Alloy Chains, Silver, 18

    US $1.28 / 1Strand

  • 18K Real Platinum Plated Brass Snowflake Stud Earrings, 8x8mm

    US $0.80 / 1Pair

  • Tibetan Style Alloy Pendants, Flat Round with Snowflake, Cadmium Free & Nickel Free & Lead Free, Antique Silver, 23.5x1.5mm, Hole: 2mm; about 270pcs/1000g 30%

    US $14.41 / 1000g

  • Alloy Rhinestone Enamel Pendants, Snowflake, Light Gold, White, 16x12.5x2.5mm, Hole: 2mm

    US $2.71 / 10pc

  • Matte Style Rack Plating Alloy Pendants, Snowflake, Lead Free & Nickel Free, Other Color, 38x34x3.5mm, Hole: 3mm

    US $4.21 / 10pc

  • Brass Computer Beaded Patch Pendants, Snowflake, Silver, 13x10x0.3mm, Hole: 1mm

    US $22.18 / 200pc

  • Electroplated Glass Pendants, Faceted, Christmas Snowflake, AB Color, Mixed Color, 14x7mm, Hole: 1mm

    US $6.97 / 100pc

  • Greeting Cards, 3D Pop Up Christmas Tree, Paper Crafts, Gift Cards, Lime, 17x11cm

    US $27.98 / 10pc

  • Christmas Tree & Bowknot DIY Scrapbook Decorative Adhesive Tapes, Colorful, 15mm; 10m/roll

    US $0.89 / 1Roll

  • 316 Stainless Steel Diffuser Locket Pendants, with Perfume Pad and Magnetic Clasp, Flat Round with Christmas Tree, Mixed Color, 36.5~37x30x6.5~7mm, Hole: 5mm

    US $22.18 / 5pc

  • Christmas Tree Zinc Alloy Big Pendants, Lead Free & Nickel Free, Antique Bronze Green, 68x42x2mm, Hole: 4mm

    US $10.45 / 30pc

  • Christmas Tree Photo Glass Oval Big Pendants, with Antique Silver Plated Alloy Finding, Colorful, 51x35.5x10mm, Hole: 4mm

    US $1.95 / 2pc

  • Tibetan Style Alloy Pendants, Christmas Tree, Antique Bronze, 25x14mm

    US $9.43 / 200pc

  • Christmas Tree Alloy Enamel Pendants, Green, 20.5x11.5x2.5mm, Hole: 2mm 30%

    US $6.87 / 100pc

  • Holiday Buttons, Dyed Wooden Buttons, Christmas Tree, 2-Hole, LimeGreen, 38.5x30x2.8mm, Hole: 2mm

    US $17.16 / 500pc

  • Wooden Buttons, 2-Hole, Christmas Trees, Mixed Color, 30x27x2.9mm, Hole: 1.7mm

    US $6.43 / 50pc

  • Opaque Acrylic Pendants, Christmas Tree, Mixed Color, 32x19x5mm, Hole: 3mm; about 416pcs/500g

    US $6.01 / 500g

  • Christmas Trees Synthesis Turquoise Beads Strands, Dyed, Mixed Color, 30x30x6mm, Hole: 1mm; about 200pcs/1000g

    US $12.04 / 1000g

  • Christmas Tree Alloy Rhinestone Enamel European Dangle Large Hole Beads, Silver, Mixed Color, 33mm, Hole: 5mm

    US $8.87 / 50pc

  • Natural Green Aventurine Beaded Wishing Bottle European Dangle Large Hole Beads, with Christmas Tree Alloy Rhinestone Enamel Pendants, Antique Silver, 60mm, Hole: 5mm

    US $12.16 / 30pc

  • Lovely Christmas Tree Withe Colorful Star Alloy Rhinestone Enamel Stud Earrings, Golden, 20x10mm

    US $2.79 / 3Pair

  • Alloy Enamel Pendants, Platinum Color, Christmas Tree, White and Green, 37x31x2mm, Hole: 2mm

    US $7.41 / 50pc

  • Polymer Clay Beads, Christmas Santa Claus, Tomato, 11~12x8.5~10x3~4.5mm, Hole: 1~2mm

    US $8.87 / 200pc

  • Enamel Style Alloy European Beads, Large Hole Beads, Christmas Santa Claus, Golden, 15x11x10mm, Hole: 4.5mm

    US $19.01 / 100pc

  • Mixed Santa Claus Tibetan Style Alloy Pendants, for Christmas, Antique Silver, 22~30x11~22x2~3mm, Hole: 1~2mm; 6pcs/set

    US $2.88 / 5Set

  • Imitation Pearl Acrylic Pendants, Christmas Santa Claus, Mixed Color, 22x13.5x10mm, Hole: 3mm; about 415pcs/500g

    US $8.58 / 500g

  • Alloy European Beads, Large Hole Beads, Christmas Santa Claus, Antique Silver, 13x9.5x8mm, Hole: 5mm

    US $15.84 / 200pc

  • Alloy Enamel Pendants, Lead Free and Cadmium Free, Christmas Santa Claus, Platinum,  Colorful, 28x23x2mm, Hole: 3mm

    US $28.51 / 200pc

  • 304 Stainless Steel Enamel Pendants, with Jump Ring, Christmas Santa Claus, Stainless Steel Color, 14.5x10.6x1.5mm, Hole: 5mm 35%

    US $3.29 / 20pc

  • Christmas Theme 304 Stainless Steel Enamel Heart Pendants, with Santa Claus Pattern, Golden, 27x30x3mm, Hole: 8x4mm

    US $19.01 / 10pc

  • Handmade Christmas Santa Claus Polymer Clay Pendants, Red, 22x22x9mm, Hole: 1mm

    US $15.21 / 100pc

  • Tibetan Style Pendants, Lead Free and Nickel Free, Christmas Santa Claus, Antique Golden Color, Size: about 15mm wide, 25mm long, Hole: 1.5mm 55%

    US $10.36 / 500pc

  • Tibetan Style Alloy Deer Big Pendants, Cadmium Free & Nickel Free & Lead Free, for Christmas, Antique Bronze, 60x48x2mm, Hole: 2mm

    US $19.01 / 100pc

  • Alloy Pendants, Flat Round Hang Tag, Flat Round with Deer & New York, Silver, 23mm

    US $12.29 / 100pc

  • 316 Stainless Steel Pendants, Christmas Milu Deer, Mixed Color, 49.5x33x10mm, Hole: 8x12mm

    US $22.81 / 6pc

  • Spray Painted Alloy Pendants, Christmas Milu Deer, DeepSkyBlue, 22x9.5x1.5~2mm, Hole: 1.5mm 30%

    US $13.31 / 200pc

  • 304 Stainless Steel Pendants, Deer, Stainless Steel Color, 15.5x8x1.2mm, Hole: 1.5mm 35%

    US $3.29 / 20pc

  • Cloisonne Pendant, Spotted Deer, Christmas, Mixed Color, Deer, 26mm long, 24mm wide, 4mm thick, hole: 2mm

    US $47.52 / 100pc

  • Christmas Picture Glass Pendant Necklaces, with Alloy Chains, Flat Round with Milu Deer, Gunmetal, 18

    US $3.33 / 5Strand

  • Engraved Merry Christmas Alloy Enamel Reindeer Rings, Platinum, 17.5mm

    US $4.19 / 3pc

  • Alloy Key Chain, with Iron Key Ring, Sika Deer, Antique Bronze, 130mm

    US $9.50 / 10pc

  • Alloy Enamel Brooches, with Brass Finding, Deer, Light Gold, Colorful, 50x29mm; Pin: 1.2mm 30%

    US $19.51 / 100Set

  • Alloy Rhinestone Brooch, with Enamel and Imitation Pearl Beads, Sika Deer, Red, 55x55mm

    US $9.50 / 5pc

  • Trendy Metal Alloy Enamel Christmas Milu Deer Bracelets, Platinum, 250mm

    US $4.89 / 3Strand

  • Glass Cabochons, For DIY Projects, Half Round/Dome, Deer Pattern, Mixed Color, 25x6mm

    US $60.19 / 1000pc

  • Abalone/Paua Shell Flat Round with Deer Cabochons, Colorful, 33x2mm

    US $30.41 / 20pc

  • Tibetan Style Alloy Cabochons, Sika Deer, Lead Free & Cadmium Free, Antique Silver, 72x44x5mm 68%

    US $0.46 / 2pc

  • Christmas Decoration, Foam&Velvet, Mixed Color, Size: about 6cm long, 3cm wide, 3pcs/set, 2set/bag 63%

    US $0.59 / 2Bag

  • Christmas Plush Earmuffs, Colorful, 150x240mm

    US $17.42 / 10pc

  • Mixed Style Tibetan Style Alloy Pendants for Christmas Day, Snowmen, Lead Free, Antique Golden, 21~30x10~26x1.5~3.5mm, Hole: 2mm

    US $3.66 / 50pc

  • 304 Stainless Steel Enamel Pendants, with Jump Ring, Flat Round with Christmas Snowman, Stainless Steel Color, 20x12mm 35%

    US $3.29 / 20pc

  • Christmas Alloy Enamel Pendants, Snowman, White, 21.5x12.5x2mm, Hole: 2mm

    US $13.62 / 100pc

  • Plastic Cabochons, Christmas Snowman, White, 33x20.5x2mm

    US $15.84 / 200pc

  • Christmas hat 304 Stainless Steel Enamel Pendants and Dangle Earrings Jewelry Sets, Mixed Color, 32x21x2mm, Hole: 10x5mm; 34mm, Pin: 0.7mm

    US $23.76 / 6Set

  • Non-Woven Christmas Hats, Milu Deer, Red, 300x250mm

    US $6.84 / 12pc

  • Alloy Enamel Pendants, Lead Free and Cadmium Free, Christmas Stockings, Platinum Color, Mixed Color, 26x15x2mm, Hole: 2mm

    US $17.11 / 200pc

  • Brass Rhinestone Pendants, Real Gold-Filled, Sock, Golden, 9x9x1mm, Hole: 1mm 30%

    US $11.09 / 20pc

  • Tibetan Style Alloy Christmas Bell Pendants, Lead Free & Cadmium Free, Antique Silver, 16x16x2mm, Hole: 3mm

    US $31.68 / 1000pc

  • Opaque Acrylic Pendants, Christmas Bell, Mixed Color, 19.5x21x4mm, Hole: 2.5mm; about 840pcs/500g

    US $6.01 / 500g

  • Wooden Pendants, Christmas Bell, AntiqueWhite, 75x98x2.5mm, Hole: 2.5mm

    US $10.49 / 50pc

  • Donut Christmas Wreath Alloy Enamel Pendants, White, 19x16x5.5mm, Hole: 2mm

    US $17.74 / 100pc

  • Handmade Elastic Packaging Ribbon Bows, Nice for Packing Decorations, LimeGreen, 170mm

    US $79.20 / 100pc

  • Handmade Polymer Clay Pendants, Christmas Candy Cane with Bow, Red, 25~32mm long, 16mm wide, 5mm thick, hole: 1mm

    US $20.27 / 200pc

  • Limited Sales Adhesive Tapes! Christmas Decorative Adhesive Tapes, 15MM Wide, 24Roll/Box 35%

    US $8.44 / 1Box

  • Mixed Shape Handmade Christmas Theme Polymer Clay Pendants, Mixed Color, 21~29x14~24x4~11mm, Hole: 1mm

    US $12.04 / 100pc

  • Heart with Santa Claus Pattern DIY Label Paster Picture Stickers for Christmas, Colorful, 16.7x16.3cm; about 16pcs/sheet

    US $1.10 / 10Sheet

  • Christmas Theme DIY Silicone Molds, Random Color, 80x80x9mm

    US $2.94 / 1pc

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