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      Brand Pandahall-Selected
      Size 22mm, Head: 15x7mm, 120pcs/box
      Material Alloy
      Metal Color Mixed Color
      Usage Bag Feets
      Package Size 1 Box per package

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    Alloy Purse Handbag Feet Cone Studs, Spike Nailheads Brad, Mixed Color, 22mm, Head: 15x7mm, 120pcs/box(DIY-PH0019-71)


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    Alloy Purse Handbag Feet Cone Studs, Spike Nailheads Brad, Mixed Color, 22mm, Head: 15x7mm, 120pcs/box(DIY-PH0019-71)

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    Alloy Purse Handbag Feet Cone Studs, Spike Nailheads Brad, Mixed Color, 22mm, Head: 15x7mm, 120pcs/box(DIY-PH0019-71)

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Alloy Purse Handbag Feet Cone Studs, Spike Nailheads Brad, Mixed Color

Size: about 22mm long; head: 15x7mm, 40pcs/color, 120pcs/box; Beads Container: 7.2x6.5cm, 1pc.

Priced per 1 Box

Please Note: Slight deviations in colors is allowed due to different display device.

Purse Making Supplies

Purse making is a wonderful craft that enables you to express your individuality and create unique accessories. There are various supplies for purse making, including fabric, bag handles, frames, locks, and more. This tutorial will assist you in finding the right supplies, making the preparation process easier.

Webbing Bag Straps

Webbing bag straps are a type of sturdy woven strap, typically made of nylon or polyester. They are durable and strong enough to withstand heavy loads and frequent use. Their length is mostly adjustable, making them suitable as a shoulder strap.

Purse Chains

Purse chains are a type of decorative chain commonly used in handbags, purses, and wallets. They are often attached to the purse by clasps or hooks, allowing for easy removal or replacement.

Bag Extension Chains

Bag extension chains are utilized to lengthen the bag strap, easily connecting with it. They can be an excellent means to enhance the beauty and style of your purse.

Bag Handles

A bag handle is a strap or loop attached to a bag for carrying or holding. They are available in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes to complement the design and intended purpose of the bag.

  • Leather Handle: This classic and durable option adds a touch of elegance. It is flexible and comfortable to hold, and you can attach it to your bag by sewing or using metal hardware.

  • Wood Bag Handle: Crafted from sturdy wood, this handle exudes a natural and rustic charm, imparting a unique touch to your bag. It is suitable for crocheted, knitted, or woven bags.

  • Metal Bag Handle: With a selection of finishes and styles to choose from, this robust material is ideal for giving any bag a modern touch. Typically, it is secured to bags using washers and screws.

  • Bamboo Bag Handle: Infuse your bag with a bohemian or tropical vibe using this eco-friendly material. Its lightweight and comfortable design makes it ideal for beach or casual bags.

  • Rope Bag Handle: Adding a rope handle to your bag gives it a beachy or summery vibe. A rope bag handle is typically twisted or braided from natural jute or cotton cord. Simply thread it through an eyelet and knot it, then you can have an beach-inspired bag handle.

  • Beaded Bag Handle: As its name suggests, it is crafted from various beads, available in a wide variety of materials such as plastic, glass, wood, metal, etc. A beaded bag handle offers a unique and personalized option for you.

  • Plastic Bag Handle: An economical and practical choice, the plastic bag handle imparts a simple and casual style to your bag.

Purse Frames

Purse frames are rigid structures with clasps that shape the purse. The clasp can be a simple snap or a more elaborate closure, like a kiss lock or twist lock. Frames may be covered with fabric or knitted with yarn to complete the purse.

Drawstring for Bucket Bag

Drawstrings are a popular closure option for bucket bags, known for their cylindrical shape and open top. The drawstring usually threads through a series of metal or plastic eyelets around the bag's upper edge. You can easily open or close the bag by sliding the stopper along the string.

Flex Frames

Flex frames are made of flexible metal and are connected by hinges or connectors, which can be covered with fabric or other materials. They are used to form the structure and closure mechanism for clutch purses, coin purses, and small handbags. The flexibility of the frame makes it easy to fold and unfold.


Bag Bottoms & Feet

Bag Bottoms

The bottom of the bag provides structural support and helps maintain its shape. It is designed for crochet and knitting crafts, and is available in materials such as leather, PU leather, and wood.

Leather bag bottom: A leather bag bottom is a flexible and classic option for crocheting bag crafts.

Wood bag bottom: The wood bag bottom is sturdier and more durable, capable of bearing heavier loads while adding a touch of natural beauty to your bag.

Bag Feet

Bag feet are small metal or plastic components that protect the bottom of a bag from wear and tear. They can also help keep the bag bottom clean. Typically, they are attached to the bag with screws, rivets, or glue.

Bag Flip Cover

A bag flip cover is a fabric flap designed to close a bag by folding over its opening. The flip cover may match the bag's overall material or contrast for a distinctive appearance. It is typically secured to the bag with stitching, often featuring a snap or magnetic closure. Bag flip covers are frequently employed in shoulder bags, satchels, and messenger bags.

Purse Organizer Inserts

Purse organizer inserts are small pouches or compartments designed to be placed inside a purse or handbag, offering additional storage and organization options for the bag's contents. They are typically made of felt, leather, or other fabrics.

Zippers & Parts

A purse zipper is a common type of bag closure that utilizes interlocking teeth to create a secure fastening, reducing the risk of theft of the bag's contents
The most common zipper component for bags is the zipper stopper. It is employed to prevent the zipper from sliding off the end of the zipper track, typically made of metal or plastic.

Zipper Gap Buckles

As its name suggests, the zipper gap buckle can be attached to the terminal gap of a bag zipper. It consists of two parts: an O-ring and a screw-in stud. It serves as the connector between the bag and the bag strap, essentially functioning as another type of suspension clasp. By using it, you can easily transform your clutch bag into a crossbody bag without compromising the original appearance of the bag.

Magnetic Snaps

The magnetic snap clasp is a type of bag closure accessory that is easy to open and close. It consists of two pieces: a male piece with a magnet inside and a female piece with a metal plate that attracts the magnet. It is commonly attached to the middle of a bag's flip cover or opening.

Purse Locks


The metal purse lock is typically crafted from materials such as brass, stainless steel, or alloy. It can be secured to a bag using a shim and screw. Its popularity stems from its sleek and modern appearance, with two main types: the turn lock or tuck lock.


A leather purse lock is commonly utilized in foldable wallets, knitted bags, and similar items. It can be sewn onto your bag or purse, typically featuring a snap closure. The lock may be embossed with decorative patterns or logos, or left blank for a simple and elegant appearance.

Adjustable Buckles

It is used to shorten your bag chain. With it, you can conveniently adjust your bag chain to the desired length. There are several types of adjustable buckles suitable for bag chains, including slider buckles, snap buckles, and swivel buckles. The choice of buckle type depends on personal preference and the specific requirements of the project.

Swivel Snap Hooks

It is a metal snap hook with a swiveling mechanism that allows it to rotate 360 degrees, making it ideal for attaching straps or handles to bags and purses. This design enables the strap or handle to move freely without twisting or tangling.

D Rings

It is named for its shape, which resembles the letter 'D'. You can use one or two D-rings to create your strap buckles, suitable for sewing crafts, belt making, luggage straps, bag straps, harnesses, dog collars, and more.

Spring Gate Rings

A spring gate ring is a metal ring equipped with a spring-loaded gate. The gate can be opened by pressing down on a small lever, enabling the attachment or removal of items from the ring. These rings are commonly used for bag straps, keychains, charms, or other small items.


Suspension Clasps


Metal suspension clasps are a type of hardware designed for suspending a bag strap. They are often attached to both sides of the bag with screws or shims. With them, you can easily replace the bag strap.


Leather suspension clasps are leather strips that can be sewn onto the side of a bag or attached with rivets. They provide an elegant option for adding straps to your bag. When choosing a leather suspension clasp for your bag, it's important to consider its weight-bearing capacity. They are more suitable for smaller bags.



Embellishments can add a personal touch to a bag, making it unique and personalized. Examples of bag embellishments include patches, tassels, pom-poms, studs, beads, fringes, charms, and more.

Decorative Buckles

Unlike standard functional buckles, decorative buckles are intended to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a bag or accessory. They can be secured onto the bag using shims or sewn directly onto the fabric or leather. Some blank decorative buckles allow you to add a logo or other content, providing a personalized label for your bag.

Bag Corner Protectors

Corner protectors are designed to shield the bag's corners from wear and tear, while also adding a decorative touch, enhancing its overall appearance and style. They can be attached to the bag's corners using screws, rivets, or glue.


Rivets are fasteners used to join two or more materials together. In the process of crafting bags, rivets are commonly employed to attach straps or other components to the bag. To use them, it is necessary to pre-punch holes in the fabric.

Grommets and Setting Tool

Grommets are metal or plastic rings used to reinforce holes in fabric or other materials, like leather or canvas. They are commonly employed for functional purposes, such as threading through bag straps, serving as part of a bag closure, or creating a drawstring access on a bucket bag. Additionally, you can also use them for purely decorative purposes.

Purse Pattern Stencil Template

A purse pattern stencil template is a pre-made design template used to create a purse or handbag. Typically made of sturdy materials such as plastic or cardboard, it features the outline of the purse or bag, along with markings for pockets, straps, and other components.


Bag fabric refers to the material used to construct the body or exterior of a bag, influencing its overall appearance.

Non-woven fabric is a relatively inexpensive, reusable, and eco-friendly material for making bags. It is commonly used for shopping bags, tote bags, and promotional bags, as they can be easily customized with logos or branding.

DIY Bag Kits

DIY bag kits typically include pre-cut fabric pieces, hardware such as zippers, D-rings, and buckles, as well as necessary tools like needles and threads. Additionally, the fabric pieces are conveniently pre-drilled, and instructions are included, making the creation process a breeze. With a variety of DIY bag kits featuring fashionable designs to choose from, you can indulge your passion for purse-making while saving time on the tedious process of material preparation.

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    2. The size of the image should be less than 5M!
    3. The image length and width must be greater than or equal 200 pixels and smaller than or equal to 1024pixes.

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