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1 . How to use Coupon?
PandaHall has two types of coupon as the following:
• One type is sent to your account which was already activated, and you may use it directly before placing order;
• Another type is public coupon which you need to activate first by yourself.


1. How to Activate the Coupon?
Please go to My Account > Coupon to activate the coupon by yourself as the following image.



2. Use the Coupon for your Order

1) Shopping Cart

When you have available coupons in your account, we will automatically tick the best coupon based on the items you are going to check out.

Of course, you can also enter other coupon codes here. 


Click View more coupons >> to see all the coupons in your account (both available and unavailable).



2) Place Order


3) Pay for Order


3. Please note the scope of the coupon

 1) If the coupon shows ''all'', it means that all items are eligible for this offer.

 2) If the coupon shows ''Only for PandaHall Selected'', it means that only items with the mark of PandaHall Selected can enjoy this offer.