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1 . How to upload your beadwork images to get more coupon value?

Pandahall provides free coupon codes for our customers as long as you submit your beadwork image in correct ways. Free coupon codes can be valued 0-1usd for each image according to your beadwork image and items related.

Here is the guide to get more coupon value:

Step 1: Find the entries for uploading beadwork images

Pandahall provides 2 entries for uploading beadwork images:

a.Go to product detail page ( http://www.pandahall.com/p-1188763-natural-sinkiang-turquoise-round-bead-strands-mediumturquoise-8mm.html), find customer images section and upload yours.

b.Click a customer beadwork images ( http://www.pandahall.com/photodisplay/1188763-75042.html), find “upload your images” button to add yours.

Step 2: Upload your beadwork images

Please note:

  • Select the category and add other correct materials for your beadwork to get more coupon value. The more correct materials related to the images, the higher coupon value you will get.
  • Upload high quality beadwork images in good exposure and lighting condition.
  • Upload no more than 5 pictures each time. We support JPEG, GIF, PNG, JPG images. Files must be no more than 4MB.

Step3: Submit the images

Each image you have uploaded will appear in the “My account -> My Upload Images”. If a submission is approved, it will be appeared under “Approve”, as well as the declined images will be appeared under “Unapproved”.

How much coupon value can I get?

  • 1 USD Coupon --- One qualified beadwork image with multiple relative products added, without logo or URL.
  • 0.5 USD Coupon --- One qualified beadwork image with only one relative product added, without logo or URL.
  • 0 USD Coupon --- Customer shows as any of below:
      1. a. Poor quality images [ poor Lighting, Exposure or Focus ]
        b. No relative products added
        c. Repeated Submission
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